You Flow Yoga

Hi, welcome to You Flow Yoga! My name is Pam, and my mission is to spread ease and positivity through yoga and self-care practices by making them accessible to everyone.

I’m happy to offer yoga and meditation practices that support and guide you on your path of ease. Whether you want to relax, navigate a stressful lifestyle, feel better or get stronger and more energised, I believe that yoga can benefit people in all walks of life, on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Moving well, with awareness and in harmony with yourself leads to a more positive outlook on life, making better choices and – by filling your own cup – being able to better take care of others.

How would you like to bring more ease, energy and lightness into your day? Join the journey into ease and sign yourself up for a yoga class, workshop or one of the upcoming retreats

You can also book a private class for yourself or a group of friends, family or colleagues.